Literal yoga: Warrior 2

Literal yoga: Warrior 2

Literal yoga: Warrior 2

Warrior II

At the first yoga class I’ve ever taken, I had already decided that wasn’t for me. The instructor spoke too slowly and moved too fast, he didn’t explain the why behind every movement – don’t ask me to do something without the why! I left with pain and certainty in my head: I don’t like yoga.

Some time and some experiences later, life brought me to another class, in another place, with another teacher. I say “life”, but really, it was classpass, that fitness app that lets you try different classes and gyms for a monthly fee. I, then, had a completely different experience, this time, it was positive. I came back for another class that same week, and again, another new experience! And this went on, 10 classes and a “yoga regular” badge later, the experiences kept surprising me.

From all the feelings that I felt, the one that stood out the most was how I could relate the yoga experience with everyday situations. For example, breathing is something we take for granted, but when things are tight (in yoga, or in life), it’s easy to forget about it, so to bring attention to each inhale and exhale helps in both cases!

Another thing I was happy to notice is how the body adjusts with practice. First, it’s an awkward learning curve, a battle between movements and breathing. Then, comes a connexion between the two of them that you’re not even sure where it’s from. And, finally, you do something you couldn’t before, you hold a pose slightly more comfortable than before, you reach your feet when before you could barely get to your ankles… just like in life.

But this is not a post about the benefits of yoga (there are a lot, believe me), but about the benefits of imagination. One day, after class, I had a silly idea: I started to wonder that maybe, just maybe, I could bring that strength, confidence, and skills that I felt many times in practice, to life, even in activities I didn’t master. I immediately remembered that “Wonder Woman” study, you know, the one that says that holding your hands closed in a fist around your waist, the legs hip-distance apart and taking a deep breath like you were the biggest amazon on Paradise Island for as little as 2 minutes could enhance your ability to solve problems!

Maybe, just maybe, it’s not that silly to think that this confident, strong, powerful, warrior(!) being is already there and a practice to bring him/her to the surface is very welcome. I leave you with my Warrior II art (that was a personal battle on its way) as a reminder and an invitation. Thanks for reading and see you soon!


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